Industrial Automation and Controls

Industrial Automation and Controls

At Kankpe Electrical Solutions, we specialize in delivering top-notch industrial automation and controls services, bringing advanced technological solutions to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and reliability of your industrial processes.”

Automation Expertise:

Our team of seasoned professionals possesses extensive expertise in industrial automation. We leverage the latest technologies to automate processes, ensuring precision, consistency, and a streamlined workflow in your industrial operations

Comprehensive Controls Solutions:

From programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to human-machine interfaces (HMIs), we offer a comprehensive suite of control solutions. Our goal is to empower your business with the tools needed to monitor, manage, and optimize your industrial processes

Kankpe Electrical Solutions are the experts when it comes to PLC Systems.

System Design: We design PLC systems based on the specific requirements of the industrial process. We analyze the control needs, develop system architecture, and choose appropriate PLC hardware and software components.

Programming: One of the primary responsibilities is programming the PLCs to perform the desired control functions. We use programming languages like ladder logic, structured text, or function block diagrams to create the logic that governs the behavior of the machinery and processes.

Integration with Other Systems: We integrate PLC systems with other control systems, sensors, actuators, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. This integration ensures seamless communication and coordination among different components of the industrial process.

Sensor and Actuator Selection: We choose and configure sensors to collect data from the industrial environment and actuator devices to carry out control actions. They ensure compatibility between these devices and the PLC system.

Troubleshooting and Debugging: When issues arise, we troubleshoot and debug PLC programs to identify and rectify problems. We use diagnostic tools, software, and their understanding of the control logic to find and fix issues efficiently.

Testing and Commissioning: Before deploying a PLC system in an industrial environment, we conduct thorough testing to ensure that the programmed logic works correctly. We also commission the system, overseeing its startup and ensuring that it performs as expected.

Maintenance and Upgrades: We are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of PLC systems. This includes monitoring system performance, identifying wear and tear on components, and conducting routine inspections. We also be involved in upgrading PLC systems to incorporate new features or address changing process requirements.

Security Considerations: Ensuring the cybersecurity of PLC systems is crucial. We work to implement security measures, such as access controls and encryption, to protect PLCs from unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

Documentation: Detailed documentation is a crucial aspect of working with PLC systems. We create documentation for the PLC program, wiring diagrams, and system configurations. This documentation is valuable for troubleshooting, maintenance, and future modifications.

Training and Support: We provide training to operators and maintenance personnel on how to interact with and troubleshoot the PLC system. We offer ongoing support to ensure that the system continues to operate smoothly.

We specialise in the implementation and maintenance of Citect SCADA and RSView for visualisation of a plant and equipment.

Whether you need to add new trends or reports, upgrade point upgrades or create some unique scripts we can look at the options with you.

We also offer a budget reporting system created by Beijer that can connect to most brand PLC’s for simple applications that just need the data logged to text files or SQL servers. 

We also specialize in motor control needs!

Our team have just about seen it all. We service and install AC motors, Servos and even stepper systems. We have access to a large range of Drives, Soft starters & DOL systems ready to be integrated into your plant.

We also maintain DC motors and even liquid resistance and auto transformer starters.

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Why choose Kankpe Electrical solutions for your Industrial Automation and Controls Services?

Proven Track Record:

With a proven track record of successfully implementing automation and controls solutions across diverse industries, we have garnered a reputation for excellence. Our satisfied clients attest to the tangible benefits and improvements brought about by our services.

Collaborative Partnership:

At Kankpe Electrical Solutions, we don’t just provide services; we establish collaborative partnerships. Our customer-centric approach involves working closely with clients, understanding their goals, and delivering solutions that align with their unique business objectives.”

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Professional Solutions to Power Your Success!

Delivering top-notch industrial automation and controls services!

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