Power factor surcharge correction and energy efficient solutions service

Power factor surcharge correction and energy efficient solutions service

Power factor surcharge correction and energy-efficient solutions services are essential offerings provided by Kanpke electrical Solutions to help businesses optimize their electrical systems, improve energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

About This Service;

Power Factor Surcharge Correction:

Power factor is a measure of how effectively electrical power is being converted into useful work output. Low power factor can result in inefficient energy consumption and additional charges imposed by utility providers in the form of power factor surcharges.

We offer power factor correction solutions to improve power factor and minimize surcharges. This involves installing equipment such as capacitors to balance reactive power, ensuring that the electrical system operates more efficiently.


Businesses are increasingly focused on reducing energy consumption to minimize costs and environmental impact. Energy-efficient solutions aim to optimize electrical systems, equipment, and processes to achieve maximum performance with minimal energy use.

We provide a range of energy-efficient solutions, including the installation of energy-efficient lighting, motors, HVAC systems, and control systems. They may also offer energy audits to identify areas for improvement and recommend tailored solutions.

Benefits of Power Factor Surcharge Correction and Energy-Efficient Solutions:

  • Cost Savings: By improving power factor and energy efficiency, businesses can reduce their electricity bills, as they are charged based on actual power consumption rather than apparent power.
  • Environmental Impact: Energy-efficient solutions contribute to sustainability goals by minimizing energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and lowering the overall environmental footprint.
  • Equipment Longevity: Improved power factor and energy efficiency can extend the lifespan of electrical equipment, reducing maintenance costs and the need for premature replacements.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to power factor regulations and energy efficiency standards ensures that businesses remain compliant with industry norms and regulations.
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Energy Savings

Kankpe Electric Solutions offers Energy Savings as a service that is comprehensive and strategic approach to optimizing energy consumption within residential, commercial, or industrial settings. We specializing in energy savings focus on implementing solutions that reduce energy waste, enhance efficiency, and ultimately lead to cost savings for their clients

Power Quality

Kankpe Electrical solutions play a crucial role in assuring power quality for clients. Power quality refers to the reliability, stability, and cleanliness of electrical power supplied to a facility or equipment. Ensuring high power quality is essential to prevent disruptions, protect sensitive electronic devices, and optimize the performance of electrical systems.

Site Power Capacity

Assessing and ensuring the site power capacity is a critical aspect of electrical solutions provided to clients. The goal is to determine the electrical load requirements of a facility or project, ensure the existing electrical infrastructure can meet those needs, and plan for future expansion if necessary.

UPS Systems

UPS systems play a vital role in ensuring continuous power supply to sensitive electronic equipment, protecting them from power disturbances, outages, and potential damage. UPS systems lies in their ability to ensure reliability to the overall resilience and continuity of operations for businesses.

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More On This Service;

Customized Solutions:

  • Assessment: We typically conduct a thorough assessment of a business’s electrical infrastructure to understand its unique needs and challenges.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Based on the assessment, we provide customized recommendations for power factor correction and energy-efficient solutions that align with the specific requirements of the client.

Educational Support:

  • Training and Education: We offer training sessions and educational resources to help businesses understand the importance of power factor correction and energy efficiency.
  • Continuous Monitoring: We include ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that the implemented solutions continue to deliver optimal results over time.

Power factor surcharge correction and energy-efficient solutions services play a crucial role in helping businesses manage their electrical systems more effectively, leading to cost savings, environmental benefits, and improved overall operational efficiency. Kankpe Electrical Solutions tailor their services to meet the unique needs of each client, providing a comprehensive approach to energy management.

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